5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

More than people joined European tech funding summit Relevation to hear from industry experts, to network and to debate the issues facing the proptech industry today. Hosted on Hopin, the digital gathering aimed to replicate a traditional physical business-to-business event as far as possible. There were:. The extensive programme featured 16 fireside chat interviews and eight conference sessions with a total of 45 speakers taking part in all. Relevation, standing for real estate elevation, was organised by Idriss Goossens, founder of the Belgian network Proptech Lab and Proptech House , the European network. Author and highly respected advisor, Dror Poleg, opened the two-day event with a global overview of the state of the venture landscape and how and why real estate buys tech — and why it sometimes does not.

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Is it possible to predict in advance if a particular CEO will work well with venture capitalists? Or are conflicts between the two sides inevitable? The first 20 minutes of my diagnostic interview with John not his real name nearly put me to sleep.

Tech Generation acts as an intern matchmaker between startups and students How do I become a member if my fund has recently launched? View all.

At Catalyze we help entrepreneurs to connect to investors that match their needs, preferences and goals. Whether your company is just incorporated, in seed stage or working towards a Series A or B, there are investors willing to invest in your assets. With our of investors we support early, mid and late stage companies throughout the Life Sciences spectrum. Catalyze is here to work with you on preparing and optimizing investor-ready material, to identify and connect you to the right investors and to support you in the term sheet negotiation and due diligence process.

In close collaboration with other advisors such as lawyers, finance , Catalyze provides support in:. Our specialists successfully raised capital for multiple life sciences companies throughout the world, within the biotech drug development, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. Are you working towards a seed stage, series A or series B fundraising campaign, aiming to acquire capital via seed investors, business angels, angel syndicates, family offices or traditional Venture Capital firms, Catalyze is your partner to work with.

Our investment specialist will assess your investment readiness similar to how an investor would assess your company. In this mini due diligence we will look at your investor documents, market data, science, company structure, IP and legal position.

A Matchmaker Who Introduces VCs to Startups in NYC’s Silicon Alley

We work with a portfolio of leading-edge startups ready to create value with and for you. We help you to define the optimal engagement approach, get started and scale your activities. We identify, validate and set up value creating collaborations with relevant startups in your fields of interest.

Gregory Dewerpe, founder, A/O PropTech, Europe’s largest proptech venture capital firm; Sonja Radovic, investment manager, APX, the Axel.

The date is livestreamed and the audience can comment, livechat with the matchmaker, and even vie for the attention of the dating participants with virtual gifts. In particular, the combination of livestreaming, entertainment, and matchmaking has added new unexplored dimensions to the online dating experience. The opportunity for young people to express themselves and also find likeminded people in a fun and safe online, social networking environment is a huge opportunity for Yidui.

We are excited to be part of this journey with the Yidui team. Sky9 Capital is an early-stage focused venture capital firm investing in internet, enterprise and deep-tech sectors in China. For more information, please visit www.

Find investors that match your company and goals

Startup founders already have an entire burden of launching and running an organization. At the same time, looking for an investor who could raise the capital is a tough task. Instead, founders should spend their time creating something people love, not researching investors and chasing intros. To solve one of the biggest issues for new startup founders, who might have a limited existing network, lot of online platforms have made their way in the web world to help startups connect with investors.

Today, Silicon Canals has created a list of online platforms that can be a great support for connecting or matchmaking the two.

DataMarketServices (DMS), is a H coordination and support action with the objective to overcome the barriers of data-centric European SMEs and start-ups.

While websites run by Palico and Artivest are increasing in popularity, their full potential is limited by federal regulations that prohibit private companies from listing asset prices in public, according to Antoine Drean, founder of Palico. Palico began in matching asset allocators with private-equity firms, as well as investors seeking to buy or sell stakes in buyout funds.

Having a clear, full view of the market is a big deal to institutional investors, who remain dissatisfied with the transparency they receive from private-equity firms, according to data room provider Intralinks. This is really just the beginning. Palico has more than accredited limited partners from more than firms as members, plus more than accredited private-equity managers, according to a spokesman for the firm. Artivest, which was founded in , received a round of funding from private-equity firm KKR and venture-capital investors including Peter Thiel in He said the firm is gaining traction in the marketplace because its technology and user interface make the allocation process easier.

Palico sees itself making the market more efficient by collecting information on investment preferences before suggesting matches. This content is from: Portfolio. July 10, This content is from: Corner Office. September 08, May 26, Related Content.

The New Financial Matchmakers

Growing a mid-market company can be very challenging. Ask any entrepreneur what keeps them up at night, and cash flow almost always makes the list. Growth sucks cash. So how can mid-market companies raise money and resources to expand? I s there a way though to raise capital for a business without the hassle and risks of VC money? There are five types of customer-funded models to raise capital without VC proven to exponentially grow the revenue for mid-market companies.

Register with Deal Room matchmaking platform, complete your profile and start scheduling mettings! Venture Partner at Mubadala Capital Ventures.

Liftoff Capital optimizes Investor to Entrepreneur matchmaking. Liftoff Capital can help bring a business idea to market. By guiding our Liftoff entrepreneurs through a step-by-step business development process, we can bring a start-up business from conception to investor readiness. An established business looking to expand can also benefit from building a Liftoff Capital profile. Once an entrepreneur has listed their business, we use our tailored matchmaking algorithm to expose their venture to investors who might otherwise never see them.

Matchmaking algorithms like ours have revolutionized the dating scene. We are doing the same for investment connections. Think of Liftoff Capital as a dating site for entrepreneurs and investors. For investors, Liftoff Capital offers exposure to a world of opportunities.

Video Matchmaking App Yidui Completes Series B Financing Led by Sky9 Capital

We are bringing Arctic15 success formula to Stockholm to create something new and fresh. Mixing Swedish growth companies and investors with their international counterparts to facilitate new DEALS to happen. It is efficient and worth your time. Join us in Stockholm for the exciting two days of action, friendship and participation. Connect with movers and shakers of the Nordic tech ecosystem and experience Stockholm business scene in a new way!

This paper proposes a web-based matchmaking engine aimed to over- sors and investors in the venture capital fund– who might have an economic incentive.

Through the investors. These online board matchmaking marketplace took. Upstart has been playing matchmaker for blackberry. Masha drokova, the massachusetts institute of company. Find the next generation. Pitchbig hopes to unlock. Group and venture capital activity within the first edition of company.

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One of the biggest barriers for financial investments on the Continent and across the Diaspora can be summarized in three words: trustworthiness, credibility and accountability. Finding targeted and reliable, real-time information in African markets is difficult and costly. Businesspeople and investors increasingly need targeted information about specific opportunities and challenges on the continent to make sound investment decisions and mitigate risks.

After confirmed registration, each mission member will submit a Statement of Qualifications Profile that will be used for matchmaking potential partners in the target country or location. With ever-increasingly sizzling African entrepreneurship scene, many individuals and Diaspora-owned firms are distributing resources among potential African start-ups and businesses.

Sky9 Capital is an early-stage focused venture capital firm investing in internet, enterprise and deep-tech sectors in China. The firm invests with.

The CVC Matchmaker helps you assess if a startup is the right investment for your company, and if you are the right investor for the startup. It helps you figure out whether you are a good financial, strategic and cultural fit together. Corporate venturing is on the rise. But few CVC teams have extensive experience in the field. The CVC Matchmaker allows corporate teams to work more successfully with startups to align expectations, define clear expectations of each other and map out a potentially good strategic and financial fit.

The CVC helps both parties focus on shared success factors, as well as mapping out and dealing with key risk factors. With fewer startups going public, and CVC investments on the rise , we can expect to see a massive rise in the partnerships, equity investments and acquisitions amongst corporates and startups. The CVC helps increase the chance of collaboration success and drive real shareholder value. An energy company was looking to invest in a smart home startup.

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